Tech culture at Hash

Tech culture at Hash


A culture is defined as a set of customs and values of a particular group. These customs and values help us communicate our ideas with less friction, make decisions faster, and use a common reference when discussing any technological issue/task in our day-to-day work instead of personal opinions. It's a common mental framework we all share and we can draw upon to facilitate our decisions to unite the whole team even when we are not working directly together. This public document is used as the internal Hash tech culture guide.

Hash at Hashverse
Hash at Hashverse


We are building the company and its applications for the long haul.

All that we develop must have this premise in mind. We are building a long-lasting set of applications and this idea should be a part of every decision and action.

We are an infrastructure company that deals with money, which is a critical resource in people's lives. Our foundations have to be solid so we can deliver value to our customers, not only today but also in the future. An unchecked mistake now can lead to unforeseen regret.

To meet the high-quality requirement we invest in quality code by making it a priority and building it into our processes. We don't like getting bogged down by technical debt and anyone in the future should be able to understand the previous technical decisions taken to build a service, this greatly increases maintenance productivity and avoids repeating past mistakes.

Here is some guidance on how to act to endorse this value:

  • Take very seriously when someone arises the need to review our architecture, code organization, data structures, decisions, or anything else that needs continuous attention.
  • Look forward to hiring people that will improve our developer operations across the company. These improvements may vary from shortening deploy times to defining a better collaboration policy, or even helping the developers emerge visibility about their work.
  • Document technical discussions and decisions on the problems we solve. Everything we build must have a structured list of which trade-offs we’ve chosen. We always write post-mortems so we can document our mistakes as well.
  • Different types of work may require different levels and techniques to be verified, but no task is complete for us without it. From unit tests to integration tests or even formal verification, it is imperative to ensure our code behaves the way we expect.
  • "Quality" is not only the functionality being built but also how you and others interact and maintain it through time. Easy observability, debugging and supporting are all signs of quality software.


You are responsible not only for what you are doing but also for all areas that permeate the product that you are working on. This will bring you a wider vision of people that will be affected by your work.

You are not just developing software, you are part of a team-building a product. From the inception of the idea to daily maintenance and operation, it's YOUR product.

Our team focuses on providing technical mentorship to enable individuals to tackle the most complex problems by taking their own well-informed decisions.

At Hash we go by the principle that the person that is closest to the problem (and its consequences) is the one who will make the final decisions.

Hash HQ: São Paulo, Brazil
Hash HQ: São Paulo, Brazil
Hash POS product at Hashverse
Hash POS product at Hashverse


You are allowed to do what you think it's right for the product you are building.

Your mindset should always be thinking about the perspective of the product and the business value we are delivering. Question everyone in the team to understand why and what are the priorities of what we are building. We try to choose the best solution for our products.

Figuring out the right product is a time-consuming task, requiring a lot of research, data analysis and sometimes specific skills. But when it comes to deciding how the product will shape, your voice is no less important than the product manager’s one. Instead of having to fight to get his voice heard when it comes to product decisions, you are expected to speak up and be involved in it.

We were not the first company on this market, we do not have all the features - yet - so we need to be the best. We believe that the best way to build an excellent product is to not customize our solution to one person or team, instead, we try to develop features that will attend the needs of all clients. We strive to design the best usability to make our awesome tech tangible to people.


We are not alone in the company and we don't know all the answers. It is important to be humble and understand that gathering ideas and information from others will lead us to a better resolution.

There are very smart and qualified people across the company that are receptive and can give you inputs and ideas anytime. Not using this rich resource would be unwise.

We understand that not always we feel comfortable reaching people that may not work with us everyday, but we should make the effort to do it.

At Hash, leaders do not choose how you should do your job, they only give advice based on their background and skill set. It is your responsibility to use them to help or guide you whenever you see fit. It is also their responsibility to have time and be open to help.

Rafael (Head of Design & Research) and Douglas (Design & Research Manager)
Rafael (Head of Design & Research) and Douglas (Design & Research Manager)

Our People team
Our People team


We believe transparency is the core of building trust and long-lasting relationships.

Working with open and reliable people is one of our greatest values and we need this to expand to all the areas we can. Open communication builds trust and without that, we wouldn't be where we are. Always try to be upfront with issues, problems, even if individual, the only bad news is no news.

People and communication most likely will have flaws, leading to uncertainty for speaking up.

Even so, we encourage people to do it. If you don’t like what you see you should raise the flag and talk about it to anyone in the company.

People in the company expect you to express yourself first rather than to ask you about an issue.

We practice this by:

  • Maintaining a healthy 1:1s schedule to keep the feedback flowing and opening the space to talk about any problem. These meetings frequency might vary but they often converge to 30min every week or 1h every two weeks.
  • Encouraging slack messages to be on public channels by default.
  • Maintaining a visual board that reflects our current milestones/issues state to anyone in the company sees what we are doing.


Thanks for reading and caring about our culture, if you'd like to join the team check our currently open jobs

We are always looking for talented and creative professionals that help us overcome the barriers of the Brazilian financial system. We want to present increasingly better solutions to our clients and we are on a mission to build a diverse team. Our recruitment process was made so you can feel how it is like to interact with work and people at Hash.

You can find our open jobs on the embedded page besides this text or directly on our open-jobs page.

Hash HQ: São Paulo, Brazil
Hash HQ: São Paulo, Brazil